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Teacher of the Year Program


Founded in 1899, the Veterans of Foreign Wars is concerned with the education of America’s youth. VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary have developed a slate of programs dedicated to this endeavor. VFW’s Citizenship Education program stimulates interest in America’s history, traditions, institutions, civic responsibility, flag etiquette and patriotism.

VFW wants to identify and recognize America’s best educators who instill a sense of national pride in students. VFW offers cash awards, commemorative plaques and all-expenses-paid trips to a national VFW conference for these worthy teachers. The trip will provide an opportunity for winners to exchange ideas.

Teachers care deeply about America and its children. They’re concerned about the perpetuation of America’s noblest traditions and highest ideals. Wouldn’t you like to see them get the honor they deserve? Now you can.

Please follow the link below for information on this program: